What We Offer

Our services include long term, experience-based, advice and mentoring for all members of a company regarding technology & data related issues at the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer level.

Strategy and Execution.

Our services are implemented as on-site engagements, remote or a combination of each allowing greater flexibility for engagement with our clients.

Legacy Platform Modernization

What is it?

Highly-skilled architectural bootstrapping by leveraging AWS cloud native solutions.

When is it needed?

We engage in legacy platform modernization when the system that has grown the business can no longer scale to support business needs and objectives for growth ahead.


Private Equity and the Cloud
Discussing Paul Grahams Makers vs Managers

Example of a client engagement:

Logistics Client Modernized to Serverless

This client had established a loyal client base building highly manual and labor intensive custom implementations. We architected & rebuilt the 20 year old proprietary software solution to a serverless, microservice, AWS cloud native solution for scale.

Technology Advisory Program

What is it?

Annual Membership with monthly check-ins and access to the MacLaurin Group network of expertise. You will be assigned a primary MacLaurin Group mentor and the flexibility to speak with your primary mentor for support with any issue or business challenge that typically hits the desk of the CTO or CIO.

When is it needed?

The private equity firms we partner with are typically the first institutional investor for the founder or owner of the business. That often means the technology leadership is new to private equity and maybe even new to the CTO or CIO leadership role. Our TAP membership surrounds your CTO or CIO with colleagues who have experience leveraging technology for growth, through a lens of private equity.


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"MacLaurin Group’s partnership is invaluable to us as a company trying to improve our team and systems. They provided technology leadership and advisory services while upgrading our infrastructure to both support and speed up growth. There is guaranteed changes that occur with investment. Having trusted advisors who understand that process are an important component to the overall success of the business -- so you as the CEO do not feel as though you are alone. Experience and expectations that come along with having MacLaurin Group as an advisor, and their ability to adapt, are crucial to achieve success for our clients, company, and investors."

- Matt Riley, CEO BluePrint

Enabling Data & Analytic Culture

What is it?

Enabling enterprise analytic culture

When is it needed?

When an organization finds itself struggling to support ever more complex and varied reporting and analytics, they often find that they are challenged with:

  • Insufficient data assets to support desired outcome

  • Reporting platform technology unable to keep up with enterprise or client analysis distribution

  • No or limited data access for the business, thus overly reliant upon resources with specialized skill set


Getting Started with Business Intelligence

Example of a client engagement:

Financial Services & Business Advisory Implements Analytics

This client needed better insights for both internal and external customers. We created a technology roadmap for their analytic environment to enable an analytic culture to drive efficiency and product development.

Technical Due Diligence

What is it?

A technical due diligence is a process that is performed on either an entire company, individual team or platform, evaluating and assessing a potential acquisition target prior to a transaction. The private equity partner will advise on the investment thesis, and it is this objective that will frame the engagement to understand the acquisition target’s existing technology, the growth the private equity partner wants to achieve, and how to get there together.

The primary goal is to reduce any surprises and provide investors a line of sight that will allow them to budget and plan accordingly for a successful transaction.

When is it needed?

Are you a private equity investor looking to acquire a portfolio company and are seeking a third party review to understand the existing technology, human capital, and data assets prior to a transaction along with future investments needed post transaction?

Or maybe you are a founder or business owner thinking about a future private equity partnership and want to perform a technical due diligence for your own company before you engage in a process.


Demystifying the Technical Due Diligence

Technology Roadmap

What is it?

A technology roadmap is a detailed plan that focuses on making sure the existing business can function with its current infrastructure while building out new technology to support growth and the private equity firm's investment thesis.

When is it needed?

A high-level technology roadmap may be developed prior to a transaction. Most often, a detailed technology roadmap is developed soon after the acquisition takes place. As we look at the overall technology strategy of where a portfolio company wishes to position itself, the business can not pause and turn on a brand new system.

It will require investment, time, human capital, and energy to bring it online in a controlled manner. While that is happening the business needs to operate and service clients.

Example of a client engagement:

Education Technology Client Optimizes AWS

This client was concerned about scale, performance, and budget. We rearchitected the inefficient and expensive cloud implementation to leverage autoscaling efficiencies, redundancy, and embedded security.

Onshore/Offshore Team Building

What is it?

Leadership oversight of engineering and software development project teams, both onshore and offshore.

When is it needed?

Most often, our technology advisory services which include leadership oversight of engineering teams are in combination with our modernization engagements. Through our existing partnerships with colleagues in the industry we support our clients to build out parallel development teams. MacLaurin Group brings the technology leadership for architectural, dev ops, and project management expertise.


The CTO Leader - Myth and Legend

Example of a client engagement:

Financial & Practice Management Architectural Review & Rewrite

This client was concerned about the cost and heavy lift of onsite customer implementations for their Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. We provided oversight for parallel paths of the architectural review & rewrite using onshore and offshore teams.

What Our Clients Look Like

We are dedicated to providing technical and data expertise for private equity and investment groups for low to mid-market companies.

Business Size








Our Process


Assign Aligned Advisors

Given the objectives, assign the right industry expert advisors who understand the challenges and know the solutions through experience


Listen & Understand

Go deep to understand the logistics of the challenges and observe how the organization manages and execute learnings


Advise & Execute

Liaise and educate, then roll up sleeves to demonstrate, educate, and implement a solution that will achieve the desired outcomes

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