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Our mission at the MacLaurin Group is to demystify technology for the success of the portfolio companies of private equity and investment groups.


We are dedicated to providing technical and data expertise for private equity and investment groups for small to mid-market companies.

Our services include long term, experience-based, advice and mentoring for all members of a company regarding technology & data related issues at the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer level.

Our services are implemented as on-site engagements, remote or a combination of each allowing greater flexibility for engagement with our clients.


Preliminary Technology Advisory

  • Tech Insights Pre-LOI
  • Impact on Investment Objectives
  • Contextualize Capabilities to Market
  • Monthly Advisement Retainer

Technical Due Diligence

  • Architecture/Cloud Review
  • Source Code/Data/Schema Analysis
  • Human Capital Evaluation
  • Security/Process Evaluation

CTO/CIO Advisory Services

  • Roadmap & Budgetary Planning
  • Board Preparation
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Enabling Analytic Culture

Technical Advisory Program

  • Architectural Advisory
  • Annual Due Diligence
  • Data Warehousing/BI
  • Security/Scale/Cloud Best Practices

Interim Engineering Assistance

  • Special One-Off Highly-Skilled Projects
  • Architectural Bootstrapping
  • Cloud Design/DevOp Implementation
  • Best Practice Training

Job Openings

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Senior Software Developer

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We are inspired every day by new concepts of technology and how that compares with the old. If you are passionate about technology like us or would like to learn more about how it relates to you, check out our podcast.

We enjoy sharing ideas and starting a conversation around them. Interested in having us speak at an event? Take a look at our previous speaking engagements to see if we would be the right fit for each other.

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Podcast Series

This is a podcast series designed for the C-level suite of small-to-medium sized companies who are trying to understand and maximize technology for their organization. We’re getting behind some of the buzzwords, introducing new concepts, explaining some of the old, and contextualizing it all into a format that will allow them to become actionable.


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